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A Story Structure Guide for spexguy718
The following was written for spexguy718, but this guide is for everyone.
Update, November 28: Now featuring a simplified Drafting section and advanced Presentation!
Update, January 20: Reworded some of the examples so they are more understandable.
There's four ways to go about writing stories: by instinct (learning to write by copying other stories), by feedback (learning to write through operant conditioning, which means you stop doing things based on negative feedback and you keep doing things based on positive feedback), by tactics (learning to write by holding people's attention by any means necessary, no matter how dirty or cliched), or by craft (learning to write by understanding what makes scenes, characters, and stuff work). Most (terrible) writers write by instinct, better writers write by feedback, hacks write by tactics, and the best writers write by craft.
I'm going to teach you craft.
First, here's a bare-bones version if the below guide is too advanc
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Hey people - I'd like you all, if you have time, to go check out a friend of mine who got himself to drawing since a few months ago. He's pretty cheap, draws fast (usually below 48h per commission for quite decent quality) and is improving quite fast, already made a lot of progress. Go check him out! :iconmizuhotf:
People have notified me that the Knockin' on Hell's Door story was cut before the end, it has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Judoo was definitely lost, more than he had ever been before - he wasn’t even sure how he had gotten this far off-track or even managed to get separated from his companions. The same morning, he had left for a long planned hike with his girlfriend and a few other buds of his: a simple stroll of a few hours, half through fields, half through a forest. The second part of the visit was an idea of his, in fact; there were old legends about the woods he had found in a book while preparing the hike, straight from the young years of the country, about it being a portal to other worlds. All he had thought from it was ‘hey, why not go peek? Might be fun’.

At a point in the walk though, he had had to pee - he drifted away from the party for just a minute, making sure to leave obvious tracks in the leaves-covered ground behind him to find his way back, but once he had done his business, no way of even knowing from which direction he came. No network on his phone, he had even tried the old trick of ‘if there’s moss on a rock it’s pointing north’, but there seemingly was either no moss, either only moss on rock, without any indication as to the way to take.

After a brief panic session, Judoo had regained his calm. There wasn’t any reason to be afraid, was there? It was early afternoon, not like he was alone in a creepy forest… If he walked straight in one direction, obviously he would find the edge of the woods, then he could ask for directions. And thus he had gone off straight in front of him - leading him, hours later, to his current situation: one of mixed fear, amazement and curiousness. The former, of course, dominating the other two.

Because what stood before him was unlike anything he could have thought to lay his eyes on on that day, if not the one thing he would have the least expected encountering since he had gotten himself lost: it was a tall, looming structure that heavily laid there, as if a stranded sperm whale, an imposing manor that stretched for a hundred meters to both sides. It was just there, outside the woods - and Judoo had not the slightest idea where in the world he had gotten himself.

He could not disregard the opportunity, however, and walked straight for the door. He had to cross through a garden, following a cobblestone pathway lined by flowers of which the tones went from blood red to midnight blue and all of the spectrum in between; as he got nearer to the walls, the flowers ceded their place to neatly cut bushes. At last he reached the heavy door which seemed twice or thrice as large as it had seemed from the edge of the wood. The atmosphere was oppressing, the air was thick - heavy clouds had started to roll forth from where he had come, black as coal, carrying oceans of rain. He hesitated no more and, lifting his wrist to grapple at the large metal ring that hanged from the dark oak door. As he released it, all sound seemed to vanish - it was not silence, but in fact the opposite of noise itself. All except for one sound as the metallic handle hit the plate it had been resting against until the man had lifted it.


The sound resonated for long, sending vibrations through the door, walls, ground and the man’s legs. He waited an eternity for the last of the trembles to go away. Then, the door was pulled open.

The first Judoo heard was the voice. Most notably, it was female; that, there was no doubt on. What… Disturbed him were the tones it took; it felt as if a whisper, yet the woman behind it clearly spoke aloud; it was rather deep, perhaps a contralto. Finally, there was a slightly noticeable trip on some words and syllable. It wasn’t as if the woman had difficulties speaking, far from it, but her voice held an exotic accent, the Rs held onto a little longer, vowels pronounced in a more stressed way. French, Spanish, Slavic? Not an accent Judoo could pinpoint.

Then came the person herself, quite the stunning sight. Only her face was visible in the opening of the door; her long, slender fingers held onto the wood, gently tapping against it, nails painted dark. Her visage was rather soft in its shapes, quite round, except for a slightly bony jaw, her skin seemed as soft as that of a peach freshly picked from its tree. The said skin, however, was also a deep shade of crimson all over. Her hair was a mix of a lighter red and ginger, one strand having escaped from her ponytail and under her maid’s headband. Her eyes were black, safe for the irises, those of a bright red.

Judoo had been too concentrated on analysing the girl’s face to have understood what her voice uttered, however.

– “I’m sorry?” he uttered.
– “I said his Lordship and his wife weren’t home.” the woman politely replied. “Now, if you would be able to come back later, I am sure there will be no pro-” she started, but he cut her in her sentence:
– “No, no, no, I’m not coming to see… Whoever lives here. I’m lost, and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to give me directions… Err, would you know in which direction Stefansville is?”

The red woman behind the door gave him a gentle smile, pulling the door open as to let him step in. As Judoo walked inside, he couldn’t help but notice the girl’s body was a perfect match to the beauty of her face. There was a problem though, wasn’t there? He had assumed that this was bodypaint on her face, and the two horns he had just noticed were part of a cosplay, but now that he saw the tail sprouting from her spine and the twin bat-like wings in her back, he felt seriously disturbed - so disturbed that he missed the most obvious detail for a minute: her nudity.

– “I’m afraid I can’t help you.” she said, closing the heavy door after him. “I think I know why you’re lost - because there isn’t a ‘Stefansville’ here. You’re a human, aren’t you?”
– “Err, yes, and-”
– “Haha.” the woman stifled a laughter. “These always get lost… Well, let’s just say… I don’t think you can really go home anymore.” She shrugged lightly, heavy breasts bouncing up and down as she did so. “Why not stay a little? It’s not everyone a human arrives in Hell.”

In Hell? What was she talking about now? This was starting to get a little too weird, even for him - a naked woman, disguised as a… No, she couldn’t be a...

– ”...Demon, yes.” she replied to his thought. “And before you ask - my uniform is being cleaned currently. These low-ranked maids… Urgh, three full days to wash an apron, and I have to do all the cooking by myself before the Lord’s family returns…”

She kept on grumbling like that for a few seconds, leaving Judoo the chance to step back a little. How in God’s name had he found himself here? Was he dreaming? Was that creepy old legend true? Oh, no…

– “...should just fire them all… Oh, wait!” exclaimed the demoness, snapping her fingers and pointing to Judoo, which froze in place instinctively. “Tell you what - you give me a hand with the cake dough I need to make, and I’ll help you find get back to where you are supposed to be. Deal?” she extended her hand in his direction, a seemingly genuine smile on her plumps lips.
– “Deal.” Judoo responded; he didn’t have much of a choice, and thus extended his hand to meet the succubus’s long fingers. She slid her fingers around his palm, and shook - once, twice, thrice.

Never deal with the Devil, says an old proverb. Obviously, it applies to generic demons as well: with the third shaking of his hand, Judoo felt a painful zap course from the demoness’s fingers inside his hand. He tried to pull it away, frowning as he simply… Couldn’t. As much as he tried to move his arm, it was fully paralysed, completely oblivious to his commands or any external situation. He began to panic, tilting his head to look up at the maid’s; what was that trick? Judoo could only watch in awe as his skin lost all colour, only leaving a pristine white surface. His hand and forearm started to feel numb the further the colour washed away; soon, he couldn’t even hold his arm up anymore, and was practically falling down if the demoness didn’t hold his hand still. She wasn’t speaking a word - only watching in silence, for several minutes. After what felt like an eternity, Judoo, now completely blank, quite literally pale as a sheet, barely managed to stay up. His muscles felt like molten putty to him.

That is when the succubine maid took action: releasing his hand, she took a single step forth. Not two, just one, placing her bare foot between Judoo’s; she was mere few centimeters from his body now, her nipples already brushing against his trembling chest. She looked in his eyes and winked, before bringing her entire body against his. Instead of the pleasant feeling of such a fleshy, squishy being pressing against him, however, Judoo… Collapsed. Yes, collapsed was the only word to express what happened; as soon as she touched him, his entire body crumbled under the gravitational pull, as if it was void of bones and muscles alike. That wasn’t the end, though, as a few more details needed to be fixed whilst he fell; arms, legs and head retracted in his torso, leaving holes instead of shoulders, neck and thighs; his back opened wide, only leaving a thin silken band on each side of his body. And there, his weightless body at last reached the demoness’s body, draping over her nude form.

She moved her hands to her chest, lifting what had been Judoo.
– “I sincerely don’t think there is any way to go back to your world, sweetheart,” she uttered, “but I can tell you that this is right where you’re supposed to be.” Accompanying her word with a gesture, she turned over the thing, tying the two silken bands in her bag into a large bow, pressing the front of Judoo’s body against her heavy bosom and stomach. “I did tell you I needed help with the dough, so you’re going to help me not get myself dirty. Unfortunately, seeing the skill of my staff, I don’t think I will ever see my apron clean again. You’ll have to do, but I’m sure you won’t mind.”

– “...” protested Judoo.

– “Now, off to work I go - the tables need to be ready for when his Lordship returns.” the demoness spoke her last word to her new apron, as she turned foot and went back to the kitchens. Hopefully, she wouldn’t be disturbed by another guest.
800 watchers, yay people. I'll be letting you all just... Request stuff for free until saturday at 0:00 gmt+1, I've no inspiration. Or any content.


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